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It's Our Game Too

Even to this day, the golf course and the game of golf lack diversity and inclusion.  While the golf courses are open to all, the lack of participation from the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) community is still prevalent. 


Along with this lack of participation in the game of golf, there is also a lack of access to the professional opportunities that the game of golf brings with the hobby.

Tee Up For Success has been designed to close this gap, by creating the bridge between the BIPOC community and the world of Golf.

Building on the skills from the Golf course, participants will also get access to professional guidance on navigating LinkedIn and leveraging the platform to further their professional careers and develop their professional network.

On course to online, Tee Up For Success is committed to helping BIPOC community members excel in their personal and professional lives by providing them the tools to succeed and the skills to use those tools effectively.

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