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  • Is there a cost associated with the program?
    The program is being provided to participants through the generous contributions of our Corporate sponsors, so there is no cost to participate in the program.
  • I dont have golf clubs, do I need to buy some?"
    While we suggest that you get yourself a set of clubs, so you can get used to using that set, you don't need a set of golf clubs to join the program as we will be able to allocate a set for you to use during the program. Drop us a line for some more information.
  • I've never used LinkedIn and don't have a profile.  Is that ok?
    Absolutely! Whether you don't have a LinkedIn profile, set one up and haven't spent much time optimizing it, or use it frequently but aren't sure if it is the best profile for you, the program is for you! Don't worry about what state your profile is today, we will help you prepare it for tomorrow.
  • Where will the golf lessons be held?
    We are working to bring the participating courses online. At present, Lionhead Golf Club, 8525 Mississauga Rd, Brampton, Ontario, has joined as a partner course for the program. We will be looking to make available courses from Hamilton to Oshawa for the first year of the program, expanding nationwide in the future.
  • What does BIPOC mean?
    BIPOC is the acronym for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour.
  • When will the program take place?
    We are looking to launch the program for July 2021. The golf lessons will be conducted the months of July, August, and September. The online component of the program will be an always on, all year long program.
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